Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smelly Blue Car People in Oklahoma! - Stay Awake - Part 1

She is so tired. Sleep – I will stay awake and keep you safe.

We stopped at the place with all the big trucks in Oklahoma! She was singing a silly song and saying “it’s a movie Charlie” when we pulled up next to the big truck.  She looks around the whole big space for big trucks before she gets out of the car. R-U-N and S-T-R-E-T-C-H and wag, wag wag!! RUUUUUFF!

A man! Is walking up behind her…. she doesn’t see him or smell him! RUUUFFF! Now, she sees him! Wait!….he is a friend… and thinking “A woman out here alone? Glad this is not my daughter  I like him. Hey Mister! I will keep her safe!

You have dogs!? Sniff, sniff …. “HA! a girl-dog! in your crotch? I smell her!” I Like Him! I Like Him!... My She is ALERT…. and steps back, She cannot smell that this cross-country truck driver is s-a-f-e.Charlie DOWN! COME” She says in her mad voice. But her mad voice is scared ……what! what? wait? scared?! What ?! My ears are UP and PAYING ATTENTION now This is MY GIRL!, wag wag wag wag!…

She says “sorry” to the man driver with a girl dog in his house far away and walks into the building. She doesn’t see the smelly blue car with the bad man and scared woman inside … watching her. She just walks .. “Charlie come!”

Why is she afraid? We are going back to her pack. Her pups, her mate.  Wag, wag, wag!…. the desert is HOT and VERY COLD. She wants “New York” to make her feel safe.  There was a mad woman in Texas that yelled at My Girl  when She brought me into a building like this. “You could be poisoning people with that filthy dog! Cancer patients come in here!” The woman spit those words at My Girl. The Yeller did not know My Girl had a maybe-cancer on her spine too. “Maybe you should think twice before you speak” My Girl said to the Yeller “I need him with me at all times” my She said. “Get him out of here!” The Yeller yelled.  That was Texas. She was worried about another Yeller, but willing to risk it.

She loves me. I love Her. Look at her, wag wag wag! inside her head thoughts of “Good –Boy!

Wait! The smelly blue car woman is following My Girl …  RUUUUFF!Charlie! Quiet! I don’t want to get thrown out of here! Shhh! Good-boy .. be quiet. Let’s hurry up!” and just like that, right past the “No Dogs Allowed” sign, She brings me into a People-Bathroom. It is 2 AM and there is nobody in Oklahoma!  except the smelly blue car people watching us.

My She hurries out of the building and back to our car. She doesn’t  see the smelly blue car. She doesn’t smell the bad man and scared woman who want to take something from Her.

We jump into our car parked next to the big trucks under the lights in Oklahoma! She is so tired. She doesn’t smell the need to stay AWAKE and ALERT. The smelly blue car people are watching our car while She sleeps …..

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