Monday, December 26, 2011

Magic on the Mountain

I run so fast, past those slow flakes ….
no brakes! snow flakes
Magic lives here
between me and She
I become her
   and She becomes me

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Grand Canyon in December

Little Colorado Scenic Overlook, Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon
“Charlie you’re scaring me” She keeps saying. All I’m doing is looking OUT. This is DEEP and WIDE and TALL.  Wag, wag, wag.  She is afraid?  When I go near the edge. Oh, OK, I’ll come back to you. Let’s play!  She said “The Grand Canyon. Finally. This is the southern Rim.”  Snow! How I love snow! Let’s play! She keeps thinking “Wow!” This is it.” She has no idea what is in store. There is so much more than this! Here. They will not let me see it without a leash. I want to play and NOT BE ON A LEASH!  She feels guilty. “Dark soon” She thinks. “How far to Sedona?” One hour. She thinks it’s more. In the car again? Darn it! Oh Goodie! a PIG EAR! “This will keep you busy” She says. I love her. I love pig ears. The Grand Canyon is OK. I have way more fun on Bear Spring Mountain though.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Standing in the Sky

In early December we traveled to Sedona, Arizona.  I am so happy to FINALLY run, run, run! I tried to be still for three days in Her car. That was not easy. I pulled her favorite yellow fleece out of Her backpack and used it as a pillow J It smells like her. Now it smells like me. Pig Ears! Pig Ears! Yay! This will “keep you  busy” She said.  She stopped at a building that said “tourist information” and came out with a piece of paper. She studies it and pushes the blue button above her head. Her car is talking to Her! Now, She is talking back. Driving, AGAIN. Airport Mesa,  She says.  “Charlie, we need a leash. We are too close to the road.”  Out of the car and after a quick look around, She lets me RUN. Hurray!
She is looking around in the way that she does when she wonders if someone is looking at her.  She can’t see with Her eyes, like I can. I use my nose too, to see.  She has to feel to see some things, because of Her eyes.  She closes Her eyes, so they don’t confuse Her. She doesn’t trust them.  Come on! There is no one here, I say to Her.  Finally, She understands. Fear? Do I smell Fear? Not Fear. Sniff, sniff. Happiness. Wonder. Wait! There are treats in Her bag on Her back. Hurray!
I run ahead of Her. “Stay Close Charlie” . Ok. I will not let you out of my sight. Ever. “Good Boy” Wag, wag. Let’s Go!  Red, red, red. Rock. It smells different here. Dry. The air is tighter. Clean.  Careful. Those green hard plants hurt. Ouch! “Prickly Pear” She says. We climb higher into the tighter, colder air. “Son of a bitch!” She yells. What? What’s wrong? She is rubbing Her left knee. The green plant hurt Her. She cannot see with Her eyes. She will see a bruise later. A piece of the green plant is stuck in Her thigh. Now forgotten.  We walk a long, long, long way. She looks down from the edge of the cliff. She smiles. Her eyes are closed. I will stay close.  ”This is beautiful” She says.  We are standing above all of the trees. Above the buildings.  Above the city. Little birds are flying in front of us. Below us. We are above the birds. We are standing in the sky. Cool!
She eats carrots. I took one. Not my favorite.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why does she stop?

Why does she keep stopping? I run ahead 20 feet and have to keep turning around, running back, circling around her and running ahead. Doesn’t she know what that means? Doesn’t she know it means hurry up? Let’s Go! I guess that is the advantage to having four feet instead of two. She’s so slow. And that goofy look on her face. Always smiling and closing her eyes and lifting her chin up to the sky. And always stopping! Let’s go! She seems happy though. Her heart beats like mine today. There is just this moment. Just now. Just peace.  Just her. Just me. Ruff!
Hurry Up!